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Waste Water Systems in Wairarapa, NZ

At Elite Drainage, we can supply waste water systems for any residential, commercial, or industrial project in Wairarapa, NZ.

Our team has extensive expertise, and we have the equipment and know-how to develop and implement a solution that is best suited to your location, budget, and requirements.

We are fully licenced and certified drainage contractors, and we can help with all aspects of your project.

Connecting to the Public Wastewater System

If the plan is to connect the wastewater drainage system on your site to the public system, we’ll do all the site clearing and preparation work as well as excavation work. This includes removing the excavated materials from your site.

Following your approved plans, we’ll complete the works to connect your pipes to the public network, and we can provide you with all the necessary documentation.

Septic Tank Wastewater Solutions

We also have experience in providing septic tank wastewater systems for rural properties and other locations in Wairarapa, NZ. We can help with the planning and preparation stage to ensure you get a solution that meets your requirements. This includes assessing things like the size of your site and any slopes that might impact the wastewater solution, as well as the layout of your building. We’ll consider the natural environment, too, in addition to how the site will look after the septic tank is installed.

We can supply all the necessary materials for your septic tank if required, and we’ll complete all the installation work.

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Whatever your requirements for a wastewater solution in Wairarapa, get in touch with us at Elite Drainage to get a free quote.