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Supplying & Installing Water Tanks in Wairarapa, NZ

Do you want to get your own supply of water? Whatever you want to use the water for, we can help at Elite Drainage as we supply and install water tanks throughout the Wairarapa region in NZ. We’ll look after the complete installation process, too, so you only have to deal with one contractor.

Until recently, many of us have taken access to clean water for granted. As pressures on the system increase, more and more people are looking to install their own water tanks, whether they are in Wairarapa or anywhere else in NZ.

We offer this service so you can get your own water tank too. The tank we install will capture the water that falls when it rains so it is ready for you to use whenever you need it, whether it is to wash your car, water the garden, or keep your pool topped up.

Save Money by Harnessing this Natural and Renewable Resource

Your new water tank could save you considerable amounts of money. We’ll need to install a pump that does use electricity, so there is a small cost incurred when you use the water in your water tank. However, the cost of running the pump will be substantially less than what you are currently paying for water.

Whether you want to install a water tank on your property for the first time, or you want to replace or upgrade your existing water tank system, we can help. Our team can supply and install everything you need, including the water tank (various sizes are available), pump, and all the pipes and fittings. Get in touch today to get a quote.