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At Elite Drainage, we provide a full range of drain laying and drainage services in Wairarapa, NZ. Our expertise includes drain laying, wastewater systems, water tanks, subdivisions, and service connections. We also provide general earthmoving services, with professionalism and high standards of workmanship guaranteed. Our expertise covers all types of projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Our team is made up of skilled and qualified tradespeople who are trusted by civil contractors, construction companies, business owners, property developers, and homeowners across Wairarapa, NZ. They come to us because of the quality of our workmanship and our commitment to completing all projects as efficiently as possible. Combined, our team has many years of experience providing drainage and earthmoving services in the entire Wairarapa region. Get in touch today to get a quote.

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    Our Services

    As experienced drainage contractors in Wairarapa, we can help with any drainage requirement. Whether you need new drains installed or existing drains repaired or replaced, get in touch with us. We also provide a range of other specialist services.


    If you have received resource consent from the council for a subdivision on your land, we can complete the required works to bring your project to the next stage.

    This includes the installation of drainage and all other earthworks services.

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    Service Connections/Earthmoving

    We provide a full range of earthmoving and earthworks services here at Elite Drainage, from digging foundations to site clearance to building retaining walls.

    We can also help with service connections for water, power, and gas.

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    Water Tanks

    Get your own water supply with our water tank installation service. We can look after all aspects of the installation, including supplying the water tank, pump, and all the pipes and fittings.

    We can also provide advice on water tank installation.

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    Waste Water Systems

    Whether you are building new and need a wastewater system, or you are making an addition to your property so need a new septic tank installed, we can help at Elite Drainage.

    We can also install and connect a wastewater system to the public network.

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    About Elite Drainage

    Elite Drainage provides drainage and earthmoving services to individuals, rural property owners, building contractors, and companies throughout the Wairarapa region. Here’s what you can expect when you hire us for your project

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    • Skilled team – our experience in the industry means we have worked on a vast range of projects. This includes straightforward drainage and earthmoving jobs as well as large and complex projects. You will benefit from our skills, knowledge, and experience when you hire us.
    • Licensed and certified – Elite Drainage is a licenced and certified drain layer. This means we can help with any drainage project you have in Wairarapa. We work on large projects as well as small ones, and our experience includes residential, commercial, industrial, and rural drainage works.
    • Excellent workmanship – much of the work that a drainage or earthmoving contractor does can’t be seen once the project is completed. Therefore, it is essential the workmanship is up to standard. At Elite Drainage, however, we don’t think acceptable standards are enough. Instead, we strive to exceed expectations while delivering a level of workmanship that will ensure the work that we do for you stands the test of time.
    • Trusted and reliable – our team will be professional at all times, and they will work efficiently to ensure the completion of your project without delay. We’ll also work effectively to make the process as smooth as possible. Issues can arise on drainage and earthmoving projects, of course. If they do, we will make sure they are dealt with efficiently.
    • Well-maintained equipment – there are two essential elements required to successfully complete drainage or earthmoving projects. The first is a skilled team dedicated to delivering high standards of workmanship. The second is good quality equipment. All our equipment at Elite Drainage is modern, and we keep everything well maintained. We believe that investing in our equipment helps us maintain high standards of workmanship, so it is a key priority.
    • Safe working practices – each member of our team receives health and safety training, plus we have robust policies in place. We’ll also follow any specific health and safety procedures on your site.
    • High standards of service – you will receive a high standard of service throughout the process, whether we are providing you with advice, completing work at your site, or answering a query you have. We have excellent project management skills, and we’ll communicate with you regularly and efficiently to ensure you are fully aware of what is happening, and the progress being made.

    Our Expertise

    Whether you are looking for a drain layer, subdivision or curbing services, earthworks services, or any other related service for your project in Wairarapa, we can help at Elite Drainage.

    Our expertise includes:

    • Commercial drainage services
    • Residential drainage services
    • Water tanks, including water tank installation
    • Subdivision services to help you meet the requirements of your resource consent approval
    • Service connections
    • General earthmoving services for commercial or residential construction projects, landscaping projects, civil construction projects, or any other requirement
    • Auger holes
    • Wastewater systems, including septic tank installation
    • Driveway installation, Vehicle Crossing, Kerbing etc..
    If you have a query about any of the services that we offer, or you need advice about your project, please get in touch with us today.

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    At Elite Drainage, we combine high standards of workmanship with competitive prices on the drainage and earthmoving projects that we work on. We are able to keep our prices fair and affordable because of our efficient working practices.So, if you need any of the services that we offer, please get in touch with us to get a quote. Our quotes are free, we’ll respond quickly to your query, and there is no obligation. Contact us today.